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늘 그 자리에 있어 날 지켜줘서
늘 내가 받을 비난 대신해서
아무 말도 없이 날 감싸준 네 모습을 이젠
내가 거울처럼 비추려 해

Don't worry, deary, tomorrow will be a better day.


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu 「み」

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Anonymous asked: Bias like in ultimate? I don't really have one. I have a bunch that are high up, but... I have a lot of biases x3 Other than Taemin and biaslistwrecker Sehun, how about you?

other than those too? first of all sandeul because he llo just we must protect sandeul at all means, he is just too precious ;; also jhope, ukwon, jongin, hakyeon and hmm… yeah. do you own any albums? if so, wich one was your first?

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学校に早く来すぎた わ ノルウェーの友だちと話したいけど…みんなは寝てると思う (・_・;

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sehun stardium shirt white ver.

sehun stardium shirt white ver.

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Kazuki singing and dancing to “Invader Invader”!


Kris: “I have interest towards clothes and styling, so I pay particular attention towards matching, the clothes I wear to programmes and airports are all prepared by me.”



thats great

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  • Ryeowook : The letter 'S' is present in the country's name
  • Jimin: F R A N C E
  • Namjoon : Since when was there an 'S' in France

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the eras


the eras